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The need for more support staff at Lancaster campus needs addressing

by Kim leigh Davies 18 February 2020, 09:36

Category: Students Union Petition

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Dyslexia support with assignment writing needs much improvement. I for one am funded 24hours a year allocation for support and lucky if I can make appointments for 4 hours a year. This year I have managed 2 hours but have had to book ambelside campus over email not the best option, as I require more face to face I find this more beneficial to me.

The booking system at the start of a year does not make enough hours available for all students that are funded support at Lancaster campus meaning most students with support needs are not able to access all allocated funded hours of support. 

I personally think and others I have spoken to agree that more hours need to be made available for assistance with support needs. A massive improvement is needed to this service the university state they provide.