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Academic Appeals

This help guide is designed to be read in conjunction with the university’s guidance on academic appeals,  which can be found here.

Top tips for appeals
  1. You can only submit a formal academic appeal once you’ve received your formal result for the module(s) you’re appealing. This is normally on your statement of results. There’s nothing stopping you preparing your appeal form in advance though.

  2. There are three main grounds for appeal (you can read about those in the link above). You’ll need to consider this carefully.

  3. You’ll need to download the form (through the link above) and complete the form as fully as possible.

  4. Evidence is super important (we can’t stress that enough)! It needs to be independently verifiable (for example a letter from your GP), and it must be correctly dated (relevant to your assessment date).

  5. SU advisers can check the form through for you before you submit – book an appointment if you have any questions.

  6.  Once you submit your form, you’ll receive an automated response from Assessments. The next steps are dependent on the grounds on which you’re appealing, but this will be explained to you in the email you receive along with a date for your outcome.

  7. The outcome of your appeal, along with any further information (like resubmission deadlines) will be emailed to you by the Assessments team

  8. Pay close attention to any further information if your appeal has been upheld – this will tell you next steps for your assessment.

  9. If your appeal has not been upheld, they may ask you for further evidence. If not, you can request an academic appeal at stage two of the process – but only if you have new evidence or information that (for good reason) wasn’t presented in your original appeal. Book an appointment with us for further advice.

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