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Volunteering overseas advice

If you want to combine volunteering with travelling overseas, there are many companies who organise trips of this nature.  However be aware that for many opportunities you will be expected to pay a (sometimes large) fee. 

Whilst international volunteering can be hugely rewarding it is by its very nature more complex than volunteering at home.  Not only do you have to think about the actual volunteering role but also your living arrangements, the local culture and travel and transport.

Many advertised opportunities are with overseas organisations or with UK organisations who have partnered with local projects in various countries and because of this it is not possible for the Students’ Union Volunteering Team to check out individual projects and roles and therefore recommend specific opportunities. Instead, we have created a factsheet which includes a range of questions we would recommend you get answers to, in order for you to make a considered and informed decision about whether international volunteering is right for you, and which project will be the best experience. 


Female student drawing on a wall

Aisha Akhtar

Original Volunteers, Morocco

During my time in Morocco -  Marrakech I had a really great time  not just working with the children but also working alongside other students and staff.  This gave me a chance to meet different people from all over the world as well as qualified teachers and trainee teachers like myself.  The experience really had a huge impact on me and helped me to boost up my confidence and self-esteem not just working with the children but also working alongside other staff member and trainee students.